Red Top Riggs, 2005 National Finals Reserve National Champion

The National Finals were held in Sturgis, SD from September 14-21. The course was a rolling grass field. The sheep were yearling Rambouillet ewes that proved to be very difficult for most all of the dogs. The sheep would push on a dog, and take advantage of any weakness a dog might have.

Riggs and I had a very good run in the first go round of the finals.
Unfortunately, we didn't get shed, so we didn't continue to the semi-finals.

The Nursery started on Monday. I ran 35th with Riggs and was a bit nervous about running in the heat of the day. Riggs ran out great, and had a very good fetch. We made both of our drive gates and had a very good pen. We ended up having the high score for the first go-round of 160 (out of a possible 180) Wednesday they took the top 30 Nursery dogs back for another run. Scores of the two runs would be combined for the Nursery Champion.

Rigg's second run went beautifully. He went out a bit wide, but I gave him a redirect to bring him in. He came behind the sheep beautifully for a very nice lift and fetch. We then had a great drive, loosing just a few points from each judge. The pen proved to be very difficult. We had them in the mouth of the pen twice, and each time I thought they were going in. A the last second, a ewe bolted out of the pen, and Rigg's covered her beautifully. He had to continue to put lots of pressure on the sheep to keep them in the mouth. I looked at my watch, and I had less than 20 seconds. At that point, I let Rigg's muscle and push the sheep into the pen.

We ended up with a score of 139....a good score for the day. We were awarded Reserve National Nursery Champions!