Red Top Riggs
(2010 USBCHA National Champion)

Riggs was the 2010 National Champion winning in Virginia. He also was the 2009 and 2010 OSDS Top Team Winner, and in 2012 was the Reserve, only being beat by his daughter Redtop Andi.

As a sire, Riggs has been very consistent in throwing some really great dogs. His sons and daughters have won many Open Sheepdog Trials, and he continues to throw his personality, and work ethic into his pups. It would be easy to name some of his top progeny, but I am afraid the list would be too long.

Of course, it is hard to describe what impact Riggs has had on our kennel. He works tough sheep, has finesse for light sheep, and generally makes most sheep better to work. Off the sheep, he is a great companion, who wants to please and be part of the family

Riggs was a gift that came into my life when he was about a year and a half of age.  My friend, Dianne Deal, had raised and trained him for the first part of his career, and wanted some help in teaching him to shed.  At the time, I was just happy to help Dianne, as she has done so many nice things for my dogs and me.  It ends up, that through this training, Riggs and I become partners on the trial field.  Dianne Deal and I co-own Riggs.

The breeding of Riggs goes back to some of my breeding.  His father, Redtop Riley, is out of my Redtop Pat and Tweed, a dog that I imported from Wales.  Redtop Pat is a daughter of my Hannah, and Rex, a son of Aled Owen’s Ben.  Rigg’s mom is Eryri Gill, a dog that Evie Kimberly imported from Wales and sold to Dianne.  She has great dogs in her breeding, including Wisp, WD Jones’s Mac, Dryden Mirk and Bwlch Taff.

Riggs is a very smart and quick learning dog.  He trained upvery quickly, and will let a person handling him through most every situation.  He was a good out runner from the very first day, and has a very calm approach to the sheep. Riggs will not hesitate to put pressure on sheep if asked or needed. He is the type of dog that is a dream to handle.

The personality of Riggs is what is most appealing about him.  He loves to please, and will do most anything that is asked of him.  He has always had a very easygoing way about him, and doesn’t get worked up about new or strange situations.  I took Riggs to the World Trial and he was very comfortable with all the changes in lifestyle, travel, food, etc.   He loves children, and Dianne’s daughter Paxton taught him to climb up into their tree house at an early age.
My favorite thought of Rigg’s is seeing him sitting watching
over the situation, next to my side.