Here, you can see those who made a big impact at the farm, but who are no longer with us.

Past Dogs

Redtop Java Java is one of the nicest daughers of Riggs and Bett. She ran in Open for me for a year, placing well and winning a few Open trials. Since I am limited in the number of dogs I can train and run, she was sold to our good friend Mindy Mayer of Oregon City, OR.

Redtop Pi Put in her text that Pi is now being handled in Open by Tracee Treadwell of Georgia. Redtop Bob is out of Pi and we are quite excited his prospect as a potential trial dog.

Redtop Bella Bella was sold to Marti Young of Wilcox, AZ where she is continuing her training and working on a sheep ranch.

Red Top Jill:  Jill is spending her retirement with our good friend John and Lee Cranor of Milton-Freewater, OR. Jill was one of my most faithful dogs, and one that I miss as great help here on the farm. 
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Hannah: My first dog and probably the best dog that I will be fortunate enough to partner with. Her stock sense and power made her one of the favorites at trials with wild sheep. Hannah was very easy to train and gained respect all over the country as she won trials. The USBCHA and ABCA National Champion in 1994, she also made the final cut at the National Finals five years in a row. She is greatly admired and missed here at the ranch.


Red Top Peg : Peg came to the farm after she was injured working cattle. She has a great work ethic, and everyone loves her great personality. Peg is a granddaughter of my great Hannah. She recently had a lovely litter of 8 pups.
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Red Top Peg

Red Top Annie:  A daughter of Nell and Tweed, Annie came to the farm about a year ago.  Annie's athletics' and work ethic make her a very good working dog.  Annie is an Open dog and helps me here at the farm.  She has a very loyal, quiet disposition, which makes her a  favorite of those who get to know her. 
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Tio:  A son of Bev Lambert's Pippa and Bill, Tio is a Nursery dog this year.  Tio is a large tri-color male with a great sense of style and feel for sheep.  He is just getting his trial experience, but I think he will become a great trial dog one day. 
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Cass: This granddaughter of my Toss has some other great American dogs in her pedigree as well. She is descendent of Bill Berhow's Nick and Jen and Tommy Wilson's Roy. She is very stylish and will make a great Nursery prospect in 2001.


Tyke: A son of Tweed and Gel (a Toss daughter) this young prospect will be running in the Nurseries in 2001. Tyke is very easy to train and loves to work stock with quiet control and is very enthusiastic in most anything he does. This small black and white dog will make a great trial dog.


Tweed: The sire of many of the great pups that are listed. He was imported from Selwyn Jones of Wales and has an impressive list of ancestors including Aled Owen's Craig, W.D. Jone's Mac (the butcher's dog), Selwyn's Mirk and Page's Fly. He is currently owned by Karl Ottenstein and Karen Ososki of Sandpoint, Idaho


Leta: A daughter of Terry Parrish's Rhys and Cleo (Red Oliver's Roy), this young bitch will make her home at my ranch. She won her first Nursery and Pro-Novice class at the first trial we attended this spring. She is very natural in her pace and has a kind, firm way with the livestock.


Nell: This individual has been a great asset to the farm. She is a daughter of Tommy Wilson's Roy and Speed and has produced some great individuals for me. I have two daughters of Nell, Molly and Tam. She is now owned by Kevin Long of Nampa, Idaho


Red Top Rex: A son of Joy and Tweed, this is the best pup I have trained many years. Rex has a great sense with stock and a very calm and cool head. He has won many Nurseries and is now running in the Open Class. In the fall of 2000, Rex ended up fourth (tied for third with three other teams )in a very strong National Nursery Finals in Oklahoma.

Red Top Rex

Toss: The first trained dog I purchased and ran in trials. Toss was a great individual that was very consistent with his stock. He helped educate me into what a great stockdog should be! His progeny have been great stockdogs as well.


Meg: A daughter of Bobby Henderson's Craig, most people have only wonderful memories of Meg. She was a unique individual that was tremendous with her sheep work and had the greatest disposition. She lived here with me for six years and helped me with the farm work and playing backup for training. She also was a great mother of some wonderful pups.


Red Top Pat: Pat has been one of the stable forces here at the farm. In her younger days, Pat helped me train younger dogs and did much of the farm work. Now that she is retired, she is a house dog and enjoys seeing visitors here at the farm. Pat has had a great impact on some of the genetics in my line. She is a daughter of Hannah, and the grandmother of Riggs.
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Red Top Joy: My retired Open dog. This bitch is a daughter of Hannah and Jack Knox/Jean Bass's Roy. She is very natural in her outrun, flanks and pace. She is the mother of Rex, Lana and Jill. Joy is a beautiful black and white with a great nature. Joy was seventeenth in the 2000 and 2004 National Finals.


Red Top Joy

Bett is owned by Dianne Deal of Caldwell. She is out of Ripley, who was bred by Bruce and Linda Fogt, being out of Linda's great Megan bitch.
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Redtop Teal is co-owned with LJ Estes of Eagle, ID. He is the smartest pup that I have raised. He is very keen to work, has great scope and should make a great Open Dog. Teal really loves to cattle, but his training has been limited to sheep. He is out of Riggs and Peg.