Listen to an in-depth discussion of TAHITIAN NONI™ Canine Essentials™ featuring Dr. Richard G. Godbee, Ph.D., PAS, Patrick Shannahan, National Champion Border Collie Trainer, Benjamin J. Darien D.V.M., M.S., and J. Tim Potter, Ph.D., PAS.

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Having a sound, focused dog is a necessity to any of us that want to participate in training and sports. Canine Essentials™ has helped my dogs by increasing their stamina and focus and by reducing their recovery time after long workouts. I use Canine Essentials with all the dogs that I compete with.

“When the dogs started on Canine Essentials, the first thing I noticed was their coats and skin. They had a sheen that I hadn’t noticed before. I also noticed that the dogs were very fresh and focused on the second day of competition. They weren’t tired or worn out after a difficult first round of trials.

“After seeing the results that my dogs got with Canine Essentials, I started drinking TAHITIAN NONI® Juice myself. I have stayed healthy and felt great!”