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Welcome to the latest happenings.  This page has all the latest news, events and happenings at the ranch and on the trialing circuit.  It is a place for quick updates and relevant news.

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Novice Preparation Camp 2015
Red Top Farms, Caldwell, Idaho
June 5th & 6th, 2015
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2013 El Presidente Sheep Dog Trial
Red Top Kennels—Caldwell, ID
February 8th, 9th & 10th 2013
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Novice Preparation Camp
Featuring Dianne Deal and Patrick Shannahan
June 1 & 2, 2012
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El Presidente Sheep Dog Trial  
February 10th, 11th & 12th, 2012
Red Top Kennels-Caldwell, ID
Entries Open January 20, 2012
Cash Awards in all classes except Nursery!
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January 27, 28 & 29th, 2012
Caldwell, ID
Entries Open January 2, 2012
Cash Awards in all classes except Nursery
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Congratulations to Louise Meredith and Redtop Uno for their recent success
at the AKC National Border Collie Speciality in Albany, OR

They won both high in trial and high combined. 

Congratulations to them both!

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The 2011 Finals are fast approaching.  
Hear are some of the details in preparation for it.


2011 Sheep Camp
October 27-30, 2011
Ft. Don Helsley and Patrick Shannahan
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"Event is currently full, please contact Dianne Deal for auditing spots"


2011 Trailing of the Sheep Stock Dog Trial
October 8 & 9, 2011
Hailey, ID
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Been working on the video "Building a Winning Team" the past few weeks with Little Horse Mountain Productions. The first series should be out soon, called "Off to a Good Start." We have been working on this for a long time, so glad to see it coming together. Watch here for where you can purchase it!


Congratulations to Shauna Gourley and Keli (a Riggs daughter.) They won the Open at the Kelley Creek Trial in Huntsville, UT on Saturday, and tied for first with Rob Miller (tie was broken and Rob won through his outwork) on Sunday.

Also Congratulations to Lurena Bell and Redtop Bliss. They won both Nursery Classes at Kelly Creek. And Congratulations to Dianne Deal and Redtop Mae. They won the second go round in PN at Kelley Creek.


Congratulations to Lurena Bell and Bliss.  They got both legs of their National Nursery Qualifications at the Blue Bonnet Trial this past weekend. Looking forward to seeing them in Colorado!


Returned home from Heppner St. Patrick's Day Trial.  Sheep were really challenging, and even.  Riggs had a great day on Sunday, winning with a 90 (100 possible.)  Redtop Java had her debut in Open and placed on Sunday.  Redtop Andi placed on Saturday.  Here is a picture of Riggs at the trial by Carol Clawson.

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Congratulations to Redtop Blast and Renee Schmidt of Kansas on completing their OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion.) You can find more info on them on our Red Top Dogs page.



Results from El Presidente trial can be found here


Entries are out for "The Big Freeze" held January 22nd & 23rd. Click here for entry.


Read about the National Finals in this new article: Road to the 2010 National Finals


2010 Sleddin’ and Sheddin’ SHEEP DOG TRIAL
December 10th, 11th & 12th, 2010
Sanctioned by USBCHA held at The Helsley RanchCaldwell, IDAHO

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Congratulations to the offspring of Riggs at the Fire Ridge Trial in Milton-Freewater, OR this past weekend. Redtop Mae(Riggs-Jill) won the Nursery Saturday with Dianne Deal. Fame (Riggs-Bett) by Dianne won the
second go of the Open. And Jesse(Riggs-Annie), run by Lynn Johnston, won the Double Lift Final today. Great job!


Congratulations to Louise Meredith and Redtop Uno.  Uno earned his OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) this past week at the Boise Fall Dog shows. Louise and Uno were able to achieve his OTCH award at the age of 2.5 years. They went from his first showing his first Novice to OTCH in just 4 months! The other remarkable part of this journey is that Uno was able to do it with no failures!  Redtop Uno is out of Riggs and Bett.


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7/6/10 Just returned home from a successful weekend at the Kelley Creek Trial in Huntsville, UT.  Riggs and his relatives had a great weekend.  Riggs won the Open on Saturday, with his daughter Redtop Mae (run by Dianne Deal) winning the Nursery.  Sunday Riggs's Niece, Redtop Vangie, won the Open, with Riggs's daughter Keli, (run by Shauna Gourley) second, and Riggs ending up 3rd.  Redtop Shep (run by Dianne Deal) was second in Nursery.  In the PN, a Riggs son, Fame, (run by Dianne Deal) won both classes!  There were plenty of other Riggs relatives also running well and placing...congratulations to the Utah Stock Dog Association for such a successful venue.  Also, many thanks to Patsy and Shauna of Kelley Creek Farms for all their hard work.

6/16/10 Had a really great weekend at the Wessels Dirt Blowin' trial in Dayton Washington on June 11, 12 and 13th. Riggs won on Sunday, and attached is a clip of his winning run shot by Dave Imas. Riggs's progeny also did really well, with Redtop Gage, run by Jo Ferguson winning the first Nursery. Redtop Java, won the third Nursery (run by myself), and her littermate, Fame, run by Dianne Deal, won the Flat Field in Pro-Novice.

View video from this event!

5/12/10 Check out our updated Red Top Dogs around the world page. You can add your Redtop to our site now too!

3/17/10 Come to the first annual Novice Preparation Clinic on May 15th & 16th.  Learn how to train, handle and judge your run.  Clinicians are Patrick Shannahan and Dianne Deal.

The clinic is currently full. We are still encouraging auditors. Please contact us for more information.

Click here for an entry.

3/5/10 Eric Harlow of Harlow Hill's Sheep Co. has posted a link with me about sheep Click here for the link

1/22/10 Check out my latest article: Aspects to Consider...

9/28/09  The National Sheepdog Finals were a big success. My dogs ran well, and I was proud of the way they looked on the trial field.  Bett made the semi-finals, and was one of the 4 dogs selected for the Driving Championship.  Riggs made the semi's and finals, and had a great run placing 8th.  Tater and Andi did well, and both made the Finals. Tater (owned by Bobbie Anderson) was 14th.

There were some other great Redtop dogs at the finals.  Congratulations to Joe Haynes for making the Final Day with Redtop Rain.  Also, Lynn Johnson made the Nursery Finals with his son  of Riggs, Jesse. Leslie Capik had a sister of Jesse that looked good being run by Dianne Deal. Maury Harris made a nice showing with Redtop Brie.

8/16/09.  Just returned home from Lacamas Valley Sheepdog Trial in Camas, WA.  The trial is becoming one of the premier events in the West. My dogs ran well. Redtop Tater (owned by Bobbie Anderson) and run by myself, won the first PN. Another Riggs Daughter, Annie, owned by Leslie Capik, and run by Dianne Deal, won the second round of PN.  There were 66 PN dogs entered, by far the largest PN class I have ever seen.

I moved Redtop Andi up to Open at Lacamas and she had a great weekend.  She was 3rd the first go round, had a great run the second day, and was one of the top 12 dogs to make the double lift on Sunday.  Bett tied for 5th on the first go round, and Riggs was second on the second go round.

Redtop Scott, owned and run by Diane Spainhower, was second in NN on the second day.  Congratulations to her!

8/15/09  The Oregon Sheep Dog Society banquet was held during the LVSDT in Camas, WA.  Lynn and Allison Johnston did a great job of hosting the event. The year end awards were presented as well. Riggs won the Open Top Team Award for the OSDS!  (I attached a picture of Riggs and I ...if you could somehow put it near this)

At the same banquet, the Evie Kimberly Humanitarian Award is also given out. It is given to a handler whose spirit embodies Evie Kimberly.  There were numerous nominations this year.  Congratulations to Geri Bryne of Tulelake,CA for winning this year.

7/6/09 Just returned home from the Kelley Creek Trial in Huntsville, UT over the Fourth of July weekend. Had a good trial and saw lots of good friends.

Friday Bett and I tied for second with Shauna Gourley and Redtop Hope (Shauna won the tie through outwork.) Saturday Redtop Andi and I won the first go round in PN. Diane Spainhower won the overall Novice award with Redtop Scott. On Sunday, Riggs and I won the Open with Bett placing third.

Bett won the overall for Open. Thanks to the Utah organization and the Dickins family for such a good trial.

7/6/09 Check out my latest article: Correction: Such a negative word for such a positive result

Just returned from the Wessels Dirt Blowin' Trial and a very successful weekend. Riggs won the overall Champion in Open, placing second on Saturday. Bett was fifth on Saturday as well. Andi (Riggs x Lana) had a great weekend, placing 3rd in the PN. She won the Nursery on Saturday, and placed 3rd on Sunday.

Riggs's other progeny did well with Dianne Deal winning both PN classes with Annie (owned by Leslie Capik.) Lynn Johnston's Jesse also placed 2nd in the Nursery 2 days. Congratulations to them!

Congratulations to Jeanine Van De Merwe and Redtop Jade. They had a great showing at the Bluegrass including second place in the second go-round.

Jade and Jeanine ended up 7th in the double lift.

Congratulations to Maury Harris and Redtop Brie (Redtop Jen and Riggs.) They won the trial Memorial day at Table Top in Parker, Colorado with 67 dogs entered. Also, congratulations to Shauna Gourley and Kelley (Riggs daughter) for a second place finish in PN.

The clinic in Caldwell went really well. The weather didn't cooperate, so we moved it to the Deal indoor arena. Jody Darling took a few pictures.

You can see them here:

Check out the article written for the National Finals Blog. Find out about the upcoming Border Collie Nursery Finals.

The Redtop Spring Fling, held Feb. 20-22 was able to donate $500 to the 2009 National Sheepdog Finals in Klamath Falls, OR. Much of the donated money was due to the donation of judging by Don Helsley, Lavon Calzacorta, and myself. If you are interested in donating to the National Finals, click here:

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Redtop Joy. Joy was one of my most successful trial dogs, and had a huge impact on my breeding program. She had spent the last few years of her retirement with John and Lee Cranor of Milton-Freewater, OR.

Here are the Results from the Red Top Spring Fling Sheep Dog Trial held Feb. 20-22, 2009

Sign up now for the border collie training clinic held the first weekend in May in Caldwell. Participants are limited, so sign up early. Click here for information.

Redtop Vangie is due to have pups Feb 19. She is bred to Riggs and the pups should be excellent prospects.

Congratulations to Barb Klein of Maryland and Redtop McKenna (Tess and Redtop Bart.) Barb and McKenna finished their second Nursery leg and are qualified for the Nationals.

Congratulations to Jeanine Vandemerwe of Maryland and Redtop Pete (Peg and Riggs.) Jeanine and Pete finished their second Nursery leg and are qualified for the Nationals.

Look at the updated pictures on the Redtop Dogs Page for upcoming prospects.

Entries for the 2009 Redtop Trial are now open: Click here for an entry form.

Here is a link to some great pictures taken by Dave Cullen at the clinic in Dawsonville, GA on the first weekend in December.  It was hosted by Vickey Russell and everyone enjoyed the weekend, despite the cold weather. Click here to see the pictures.

Results from the Sleddin’ and Sheddin’ Trial are found here. The trial was a big success with cold temperatures and winds not stopping the enthusiasm from all the participants. I (Patrick) judged the Open, Don Helsley judged the PN and Novice, and Joe Haynes judged the Nursery. Thanks for all the community help. Congratulations to all the winners.

Here is one of the great pictures taken by Jodi Darling during the Shannahan Helsley clinic.

View more photos


Sheep Camp featuring Don Helsley and Patrick Shannahan. November 6-9, 2008 Registration Form

There are a few spots left in the Training Clinic held at the Spring Ranch near Enning, SD (about 45 minutes from Sturgis on June 7th & 8th. The information can be found on the Wyoming Stockdog Association website or print the entry form here.

Contact Jamie Spring at

19586 Stoneville Rd
Union Center, SD 57787
605 985-5961
605 490-1681

Patrick Shannahan Training Clinic - For young dogs and puppies May 17 & 18, 2008 Caldwell, ID Click Here for Registration Forms

11/14/07 Announcing the Redtop Training Clinic for young dogs and puppies. It will be Feb. 9 & 10 in Caldwell. Click here for more information.

10/17/07 40 young Katahdin ewes for sale. Have been selected for productivity, low maintenance, white color and good feet. They are ready for breeding, but could be held until they are bred here at the farm. Contact Patrick at 208-249-1667

10/15/07 The Redtop 0r-Deal Trial was a huge success this past weekend. Friday we saw some great runs in PN and Novice. Saturday and Sunday were double lift Open runs. Congratulations to all the winners! Click here to see the full results

9/28/07 Well, we made it home from the Finals late last night. Luckily, the trip home was very uneventful, and all the dogs arrived on time with us.

Just an update on the finals, since I didn't have email access during the trial. The eastern group ran a great event. They were extremely well organized, and I heard only positive comments. They are speaking about putting in a bid for 2010. It would be great for the organization, if they did.

The preliminary round was a bit scary at first. Riggs ran ninth, and no one had even come close to having a competent run when we ran. In fact, the high score was a 69, and that was combining two judges scores. We had a little bit of trouble on the fetch, where the sheep dip out of sight, but the run went well. We also had a lamb that didn't want to participate, and hid behind the first drive panel, but Riggs handled him well, and we finished the run with a score of 136. Now, I had to wait and see if the score held to get me into the semi's.

Jill ran her preliminary round on Friday afternoon. At that time, the sheep were quite cranky, and score reflected it. Jill had a good start, but missed her fetch gates. The drive started well, but the draw after the
second drive gate was very strong, and she headed them too early. We finished well, but with a score not high enough to get in the semi's.

Saturday's semi-finals took the top 40 dogs. Riggs ran 12th, and had a great run. I can't think of much that he could have improved on, as he handled the sheep very well, and had a beautiful flow during the run. Our "at hand" was very good and we finished very quickly. Ended up with a 198 and fourth place.

Sunday was the double lift. I was really looking forward to the run, and being able to show what a great dog Riggs has become. Unfortunately, Sunday morning, I discovered Riggs had become sick during the night, and I was a little concerned. He seemed to look okay, and I thought he felt well enough to run. During his run, it became apparent that something was not right. He became disoriented on the drive, so I stopped then and came off the field. I know I could have probably finished the course, but I didn't want to risk Riggs's health or even have the possibility of him not showing people his good stuff. He seemed to have a slight bug, but Monday he felt much better and seems fully recovered now.

So, with the retire, we ended up in 15th. I am not unhappy, I still am very proud of what Riggs was able to accomplish this year.

The Nursery finals started on Monday, and each dog was able to do two runs. I was running Bett, who is owned by Dianne Deal. Bett is really young, and is eligible for next years Nursery as well. The outrun was possibly the most difficult part, as one side had a hill that put the sheep out of sight, and the other side had a rock wall that the dogs had to contend with. I chose the hill, which was a mistake, as Bett crossed on her outrun. After that, she ran well.

The second go, Bett ran really well. We finished with a great score, even with me turning her too quickly on the first drive panel, and missing the gate.

We ended up 18th in the Nursery. I feel great about that placement, as if I would add the points from the cross-over , we would most likely been in the top 5.

Anyway, wanted to thank you all for your support and good thoughts. I really enjoyed the trip, and look forward to preparing for next years final.

9/4/07 Just returned home from Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship ( I was invited with Jill and Riggs. There were 9 countries represented, and lots of extremely talented dogs. Riggs had a great run on Sunday, beating the course record for all the previous years. Later that day, Bev Lambert and the great Pippa, scored even higher. This got me into the double lift on Sunday.

Riggs ran extremely well, with a few mistakes. He ended up in fourth place, in a highly competitive International style Double Lift. I look forward to taking Riggs, Jill and Bet (Nursery) to the National Finals next week (

8/20/07 Just returned home from the Lacamas Sheepdog Trial hosted by Lynn and Allison Johnston. It was a great trial, with the trial paying close attention to every detail. The sheep were from Reed Anderson, and were a great challenge to dogs, especially during the shed and pen.

I won the first round of Pro-Novice with Bet, and was tied for 3rd on the second round. Bet is the Nursery dog I am taking to Gettysburg, owned by Dianne Deal.

Riggs was 3rd on Saturday, with a great run without a pen and shed. Saturday's trial was won by Joe Haynes with Redtop Rain, a littermate to my Jill. Saturday's results got me into the double lift for Sunday.

Sunday was a really nice morning, with a slight rain that cleared as the trial began. I ran last out of the ten dogs. Riggs had a great run and we ended up winning the Double Lift Final! I am very proud of the way that Riggs worked through the course.

An article from the Columbian Newspaper had pictures of Riggs and I. Here is a link.

8/15/2007 Announcing the 2007 Red Top Sheepdog trial, hosted right here at Red Top Kennels in Caldwell, ID. We are looking forward to seeing some great teams in Open, Pro/Novice and Novice classes. Click here for an entry, or go to Redtop Trial on the main menu.

8/8/07 It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of a dear friend, Evie Kimberly.
You can read about Evie here.



7/20/07 Congratulations to Jo Ferguson of Monroe, OR and Teak. Teak won the Pro-Novice Class at the Palm Cottage Trial in Cottage Grove, OR on July 20. Teak is a daughter of Redtop Jen and Riggs. Jo's other Pro- Novice dog also did well and ended up second in the class. Jo (pictured with celebratory leis) is standing with judge Ginger Zuppan.


Red Top Riggs
Just returned from The Kelly Creek Farm Trial in Hunstville, UT. Brent and Patsy Dickens hosted a grand event with the Utah Stockdog Association. The sheep were some of the best range ewes that I have seen used for a trial. Saturday, I judged the Open and Pro-Novice. Sunday, I was able to compete in Open and Nursery. Riggs was the winner on Sunday with a score of 91. Jill tied for 4th, and ended up placing 7th with the tie breaker.

6/11/07 Just returned home from the Wessels Dirt Blowing Trial in Dayton, WA. It was a great trial, with the sheep being very challenging. The wind blew, we had hot weather, we had cool weather, we had rain. But everyone who went really enjoyed the trial, and appreciated what a great job the Wessel Family did in hosting the event. Riggs and Jill both had a great weekend as well. Riggs was the Open winner on Saturday, with Jill coming in 6th place. On Sunday, had great runs with both dogs. Riggs ended up second, and Jill was third. Riggs was the Overall Open winner for the weekend.


6/5/07 For those of you that have visited the farm, it is with great sorrow that I announce the passing of Lobo, our guard dog. Lobo was a great help to the farm, and was a loyal and faithful friend to the sheep that he guarded. He was 12 years old, and had been healthy most all of his life. I will miss seeing Lobo each morning, waiting by his food bucket. His easy manner made him a great friend to all that came to know him.

Redtop Strike


5/14/07 Congratulations to Sandy Rowen and Redtop Strike. He earned his agility MACH at the Dobie Trial in Salem, OR. In true Strike fashion, as they presented Sandy with a ribbon, Strike grabbed it from her and she couldn't get it out of his mouth! Congratulations Sandy and Strike!


5/14/07 We had a great weekend at Big Willow Sheepdog Trial. Riggs and I were named Big Willow Champions at the Double Lift on Sunday. It was an exciting Final with the following results. 1. Patrick Shannahan and Riggs 2. Al Zuppan with Babe 3. Haley Howard with Ross

Redtop Riggs

5/11/07 Check out the scores for the Red Top Nursery Trial. Click here to see all the scores.

3/19/07 Just returned home from the annual St. Patrick's Day trial in Heppner, OR. It was a great weekend, with the weather being perfect both days. The sheep were difficult as usual, so it was challenging for all those that participated. My Jill ended up fourth on Saturday. Riggs was the winner for Sunday, and was the overall winner for the weekend! Many thanks to the Karen Child for organizing, and the entire Heppner community for sponsoring the trial.

Redtop Dogs

3/13/07 Announcing Redtop Spring Nursery and Novice Trial held May 10 at the farm. This is being held near the Big Willow Trial, so anyone coming to Big Willow can participate. We will have the Nursery late in the day to accommodate those traveling on that day. Click here for an entry, or go to Redtop Trial on the main menu.

1/27/2007 Check out these two new articles: "Recipe For Failure" and "Out Of Your Comfort Zone"

1/16/07 Listen to an in-depth discussion of TAHITIAN NONI Canine Essentials featuring Dr. Richard G. Godbee, Ph.D., PAS, Patrick Shannahan, National Champion Border Collie Trainer, Benjamin J. Darien D.V.M., M.S., and J. Tim Potter, Ph.D., PAS.

Listen Now by going to the Nutrition section of this website.

1/10/07 As Pat gets older, I reflect on what a great life that she has had, and what a team member she was. Pat is 14 now, and blind, mostly deaf, and has had diabetes for the past 5 years. Here is a new article about one of her great work days. Escape!

1/9/07 A few spots only remain for the training clinic held Feb.10 & 11 at the Deal ranch in Caldwell. Get your forms in soon! Registration Form

Redtop Hope1/3/07 Congratulations to Shauna and Gourley and Redtop Hope for winning
Open at the Brr Bones Trial in Caldwell over New Years.




11/6/07 The 2007 Red Top Training clinic dates and information are now available. Click Here for more information.

10/24/06 Watch for changes on the website. We are working hard to update the website with some exciting new features. Check out the new article
here: Conditioning Your Dog For Trials

03/10/06: I am in Hollywood this week announcing the release of Canine Nutritional products. My dogs have been on it for the past 6 months and now it is available to the public. I have had great results from the product and I am positive that it could work for other dogs as well. If you have any question please free to email me. Click Here for more information on the product.

01-10-06: Click Here for an entry to the 2006 Red Top Trial

09-28-05:  Read all about the 2005 National Finals HERE.

08-29-05:  Over the weekend, I went to the Harlow Hill's Sheepdog Trial held at the Johnson Dairy in Camas, WA. This was the first year for the trial, and the organizers did a great job of putting on a first class event. The outrun was about 525 yards, with drives of 150 x 150 x 150. They used really nice Katahdin sheep and finished with a shed, pen, single.
The course was on a rolling hill, which made the hearing really difficult.
I ran Riggs, Jill and Annie. I ended up 2nd on Sunday with Riggs. You can find the results HERE.
This week I leave to attend Soldier Hollow Classic. I have 2 dogs entered, Jill and Riggs. I really look forward to the trial. You can follow along from the Soldier Hollow website.

08-23-05: Please click HERE to view the RESULTS for the 2005 Idaho Sate Fair Sheepdog Trial.

08-17-05: Please click HERE to view the running order for the 2005 Idaho Sate Fair Sheepdog Trial.

08-15-05:  We recently added a few more Redtop dogs to the Redtop Dogs of the World webpage.  Please click HERE to see them.

08-11-05:  I am home most of this month. The past few days I have been trying to catch up on paperwork and chores around the house. At the same time, I am trying to keep the dogs in shape and get them ready for the Nationals and Soldier Hollow.

Check out fall schedule as it has been updated. It is at

Also, I have been busy adding pedigree's to Redtop Dogs page. Each dog has a link with it's own pedigree.

Also, check out the new web page for Redtop dogs that are owned by others.  If you have a Redtop dog, please send a picture and I will get it included.  The link to that page is


08-02-05:  We have moved the Reports From Ireland.  Please click HERE to read Patrick's journal from the World Trials in Ireland 2005.

08-01-05: We recently added a new article.  Please click HERE to read it.

06-23-05: We have added a Working Dog Rescue Page to the site.  Please feel free to pass the link onto parties you feel may be interested.  Here is the full URL: