I have been writing a column in American Border Collie Magazine for some years now. Many of the articles are listed below along with other informative articles.

Dogs of Cusco NEW!

Evie Kimberly 1925 - 2007

The Painted Gate

It's Your Own Language

Breeding for Color

Riggs is on to Retirement

Flying With your Dog

Patrick’s Pet Peeves

Bobbie Anderson

Education Through Watching

Why I like to Run with my Dogs

A Great Community

The Unexpected Teacher

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Aspects to Consider

Correction: Such a negative word for such a positive result

Growing the Young Adult

A Look in the Mirror

Learning to Calm our Nerves

Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Recipe For Failure


Conditioning Your Dog For Trials

Tips for a Novice Judge  

Patrick's reports from Ireland 


Getting good Advice


A Cowgirl among us


Corrections are the Key


Stages of a Competitive Dog


To Grip or not to Grip


Great Dogs, Hannah



My First Dog


Dawn Marie - The Smartest Bellwether


Preparing Your Pup for Training


Is My Dog Ready for its First Trial?


Reading Sheep


An Interview with Selwyn Jones




In Search of Knowledge


Are you getting into the "flow" at your sheepdog trials?


Super Dog! or, A Well-Balanced Approach


Sheep Psych 101


Let's Help the Judge

Hurray for the Sheep


Communication is the Key