I have been involved in the sheepdog world for the last sixteen years. My start was in the livestock industry and has grown into a full time business of working with dogs, livestock and people. Much of my time is devoted to training individuals how to train and work livestock dogs. Most dogs are Border Collies, but I have helped with many other breeds as well. Although I have been very successful in sheepdog trials, my main goal has been to provide good practical work dogs for the livestock industry. Currently I'm involved in training and showing some great individuals including Jill and Riggs. I also have some young individuals at home that I am developing.

From time to time, I'm asked to judge prestigious working dog events throughout North America such as the USBCHA National Finals, Blue Grass Open or the Texas Sheepdog Finals.

My home is on a small sheep ranch in Caldwell, Idaho. I run a commercial flock of Katahdin hair sheep. Look for more information on the sheep on the links listed at the left. Watch for my articles every other month in the American Border Collie Magazine or click on the links to the left.


My biggest success has come from my home-trained Hannah. After winning numerous trials all over the country, the highlight was winning the 1994 USBCHA and ABCA National Championship in Lexington, Kentucky.