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Redtop Andi is my next Open prospect. She has one qualifying leg of Nursery, and I hope to take her to Nationals in Nursery this year. Andi is the best of Lana and Riggs. She has a natural gather, nice pace and great scope for a job. As you can see, she is also one of the nicest looking dogs that I own. More information about Redtop Andi >>

Red Top Riggs:  Rigg's is co-owned with Dianne Deal of Nampa, ID. This young dog has made quite a name for himself. He recently was named Reserve Champion Nursery Dog at the 2005 National Finals. Rigg's was also a member of the team representing the USA at the World Sheepdog Trials in Tullamore, Ireland.

He is sired by Redtop Riley (Redtop Pat x Tweed) and out of Eryri Gill (Butcher's Mac son x Wisp daughter.) Rigg's is a handsome black and white, rough coat that weighs 48 pounds. He is DNA tested clear on CEA.

Riggs is one of the most talented dogs that I have ever worked. Riggs not only has great sheep sense, but he learns quickly and wants to please the handler as well. His pups show the same great qualities.
More info about Redtop Riggs >>

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L & M Abby: Purchased from Laura Hicks as a pup, Abby has many great followers in the trial scene. She is the result of a half brother/sister mating and throws much of the common parent Dustin Hick's Kat into her personality and work. L. J. Estes raised Abby, through him, I was able to aquire such a fantastic female.

Abby recently was moved into Open, and has consistently placed in her first year. She has a great outrun, natural fetch and is a very good listener. She will try anything that I will ask her to do.
More info about Abby >>

Red Top Libby: A really great prospect, we have high hopes for Libby. Sired by Rob Miller's Rex, and out of Redtop Vangie, Libby has plenty of natural ability. At the same time, Libby has a great desire to please, and always wants to be correct in her method on the sheep. Look for Libby to come out in the trials this year.
More info about Libby >>

Red Top BenLin Flo: We were fortunate to get a pup from Ben and Linda Tesdahl, using frozen semen from Redtop Jaffe. Flo is out of Jaffe (Tweed and Redtop Joy) and Juno (from A. Milliken's lines, littermate to Monty.) Flo has made her home here, and is a very loyal and dedicated young female. A bit later maturing than some pups, I think Flo's best trial runs are yet to come.
More info about BenLin Flo >>

Red Top Brokencircle Rose: For many of you who come to the farm, or attend a local clinic near Idaho, you may have gotten to know Rose. A daughter of Rusty Child's Brad, and out of a female named Reba from Robin Nuffer of Emmett, ID, Rose is one tremendous farm dog.
More info about Rose >>

Red Top Oakley: Oakley is becoming one of my favorite pups to train. Sired by L. Tesdahl's Suede and out of Redtop Andi, Oakley is very confident in her work. Although we haven't trialed yet, I think Oakley can become a really great trial prospect. She is extremely smart, trains quickly and secure in her work and method.
More info about Oakley >>

Red Top Bob: Bob is a young prospect that we are extremely excited about. Bob has pace, scope and a great way of working the sheep. Bob's personality makes him a great dog to have around. Even though he is very young, his preference is to be with me, even if other dogs are playing and having fun. When taking out pups to work, Bob makes you very excited to see his improvement each day.
More info about Bob >>

Red Top Pard: Redtop Pard is a very happy natured dog that I am excited to train. He is out of Rose, and frozen semen from the famous Schrimgeour's Ben. This young pup is willing to please and is strong to take control of the sheep and situation. Pard is a Nursery Prospect for 2014.
More info about Pard >>

Red Top Jen:  A daughter of Nell and Mary Hamilton's Quill, Jen is a great asset to the farm. Jen is very calm, but determined in her work.  Jen has lovely pace and a beautiful outrun. Jen has had some wonderful pups that are making great sheepdogs and working dogs. Jen is a tri-color with a rough, curly coat. Look for Jen in the Open class when you see me at trials.
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Red Top Lana:  A daughter of Joy and Tweed, and a littermate to Jill, Lana has become a great dog for Ruben Cardenas. Lana has great scope on the sheep and loves to work. Lana is a medium sized female with a rough, black and white coat.  She has had some great puppies that are doing well in sheepdog trials, agility competitions and obedience trials. 
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Red Top Vangie : Vangie is out of Nikki Roeser's Tess, who is a littermate to Riggs. Her sire is Don Helsley's Cap. Vangie shows great potential. She was born in 02/06 and loves working sheep.
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Red Top Joy

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