Redtop Andi is a Open dog that we are excited about for the future. Sired by Riggs and out of Redtop Lana, Andi has many great qualities of both parents. She has won quite a few Open trials and was named OSDS (Oregon Sheep Dog Society) Top Open team for 2012, just beating her father Riggs. In the past couple years, Andi has won quite a few large Open trials and made into the finals of the 2011 National Sheepdog Final round. Andi is a strong female, that likes control and order. Some of Andi's pups are some of our best prospects. One here at the farm is Redtop Oakey, who looks to be a strong Nursery dog this year.

Andi is out of Redtop Lana and Riggs. She is a black and white, rough coat. Andi was Lana's last pup, and was out of a litter of one. When she was born, Lana kept her on her bed and Andi became probably the fattest little puppy that I have raised. All that fat is gone now, and Andi has turned out to be one of the most attractive dogs that I have raised.