L & M Abby

Purchased from Laura Hicks as a pup, Abby has many great followers in the trial scene. She is the result of a half brother/sister mating and throws much of the common parent Dustin Hick's Kat into her personality and work. L. J. Estes raised Abby, through him, I was able to aquire such a fantastic female.

Abby recently was moved into Open, and has consistently placed in her first year. She has a great outrun, natural fetch and is a very good listener. She will try anything that I will ask her to do.

In 2011, Abby had a great Nursery year, that started slow and built to a great finish at the National Finals. In the first go round in Nursery, she was 2nd place and ended up 7th overall. She won many of her PN classes in 2012 before she was moved up to Open.